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Dr. Masaru Emoto performed experiments on water in 1990 when he realized that it has a memory that can store GOOD and BAD information and in this way could also influence the human body and health.
The water, which was subjected to a GOOD information (eg. written words) showed a healthy crystal structure without defects.

With the help of this app it is possible in the simplest possible way to treat your drinks of any kind* with positive information-energy. Just start the application and place the smartphone on a flat surface. Now set a full glass** on the indicated area and activate the energization by pressing the appropriate button.
Depending on the current energy of the environment, the energization can take up to just over about 2 minutes. Wait until the process is ready to receive a fully energized beveradge. You can follow the current energization progress on the displayed process bar. In the end the water is put into a positive vibration by the smartphone and you get the message that the energization has been completed. Now you can remove the glass.

* Note that the information can not penetrate deep into cloudy liquids and therefore you should mix the drink clockwise with a non-metallic spoon during the energizing process!

** Up to about 500 ml, for larger quantities it is necessary to divide them into several glasses and treat them seperately.

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