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About this app:

This is the purchased version.
You can also check the free version.
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Music therapy: Puts your baby to sleep and stop their crying ~ Music-supplement ~

This is a music supplement program that helps your baby sleep, stop crying, and achieve peace of mind.
These sounds are used in day-care centers as well.

Does your baby keep crying, even after you change, carry, or feed him/her?
Or does he/she begin crying once you put them down?
Babies cry throughout the night, cry from frustration, cry during the day and in the afternoon, pout and cry, and cry during sleep.
Contrary, when theyre excited and happy, its a hassle putting them to sleep.
In such cases, Music-supplement will help change the mood of the baby.

[ Songs used ]
When theyre crying out loud/worked up.
Track name: No need for loudness
This song uses high frequency sounds for the baby to switch his/her mood.
Not only will they stop crying, they will feel happier after hearing this sound.

When theyre crying and pouting from loneliness.
Track name: A long-lasting comfort
This track consists of high and low frequency sounds and creates a wall of sound. Let your baby remember the sensation of being surrounded by soft and comforting sounds.

When theyre too excited/happy and wont go to sleep
Track name: Steps towards sleep
This track starts with a soft-touch sound.
Adjust the volume so that the baby wont get scared.

Once theyve calmed down
Track name: Travel the world overnight
This track has a long-lasting sound and a short sound, as well as a soft sound and a hard sound.
Not only does this program put your baby to sleep, it helps stabilize their sleep as well.

[ Shinonsya About Music-supplement ]
Shinonsya is an organization that promotes mental health and the development of infants through spreading passive music treatment for individuals and research on the effects of music on the mind.

[ F.A.Q ]

What is passive music therapy?

Passive music therapy is a program that uses music as a tool to improve your mental and physical health. In advanced medical and education institutions, use of music to treat the mind and support other treatments is utilized as a method of cultivation of aesthetic sentiments, similar to eurhythmics.

Does it really work?

Effects will differ among individuals.
Through numerous monitoring tests and adjustments, we will keep working hard and improving this program so that more people can find it to be effective.

[ How to use ]
Follow the instructions below
* Adjust volume with buttons on our device
*If you find the sound to be harsh on your ears, its too loud.
But if its hard to tell if the music is on or not, it may not yield best results.
*We recommend using a speaker for Android.
If you do not have speakers, you can place your Android in a cup.
This will reflect the sound within the cup and work as an alternative speaker.

[ Operation test ]
We have confirmed that the app works properly on Android2.3.4.
No need to worry.

[ Troubleshooting ]
Please contact us using the support e-mail service below and we will get back to you.
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