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Description of Barcode(qrcode) Server Check 217k For Android APK Download

Barcode(QRCode) Server, check the transmission result

This program is
Recognizing the bar code , the bar code and the result is sent to the server , the server receives the return value from the processing result .
Information processing results are stored in the user's terminal , CSV file is converted to the e-mail can be sent as an attachment .
Information about treatment outcomes Menu - > Scan can be found in the record .

Applications of the program , including a set of identification tags on the bar code is recognized by the bar code ,
Dedicated check attendance , work -only check, ticket validity check , check , such as the effective number of advance tickets are available to the application environment .

Web server, you should ensure that you have the.

Note down the value of the transfer application , please

* Using the scan complete sound : recognition is complete, the sound will be played.
* Continues to scan: complete recognition -> After the treatment, regardless of whether or not re-scan .
* Server URL : ex)
* Parameters : ex) part=1&group=2&

* Transfer value is sent to the server when
  - In the case of the example
  - After the barcode recognition ,
  - Barcode formats : CODE_128
  - Barcode recognition result is : 1234567
  - The user's phone number : 01012345678
  - Your e-mail address : [email protected]
  -[email protected]
  - The transmission of this time , UTF-8 format transmitted,
  - The server that handles the file (ex: check.php) , the server , depending on the environment , character set , enter the conformity arrangements.

  - The processing of the file that the server address (ex: check.php) from , and returns the result can be processed ,
  - If the batch file (ex: check.php) does not contain HTML tags such as.
- check.php For example


header("Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8");
echo $value;


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