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ZingSpeed Mobile – Vui Xuân có h?i, c? ??i cùng ?ua.

ZingSpeed Mobile là game ?ua xe 3D ??nh cao trên di ??ng, xây d?ng d?a trên b?n g?c PC, thao tác ch?i k? th?a b?n PC, gi? nguyên các k? n?ng và ?? sâu thao tác, các ki?u ch?i quen thu?c nh? ?ua T?c ??, ?ua ??o C?, ??u H?ng, C?t Truy?n. ?ây là m?t ?i?n hình game ?? cao k? n?ng, v?i t?o hình nhân v?t th?i trang, b?t m?t. C?m giác Drift m?i, tính c?nh tranh và t??ng tác cao t?o nên ?i?m ??c s?c cho game.
ZingSpeed Mobile thay màu áo m?i ?ón T?t v?i vi?c khai m? ???ng ?ua xuân và m?t s? tính n?ng c?p nh?t thú v?. Ng??i ch?i có th? s? h?u thú c?ng, nuôi d??ng và cùng tham gia ???ng ?ua, giúp nhân v?t t?ng nhi?u k? n?ng ??c bi?t. Các tay ?ua còn d? dàng s? h?u các ph?n quà may m?n ??u n?m t?i tính n?ng ??c Nguy?n. ??c bi?t h?n, t? T?t này, ng??i ch?i ?ã có th? tham gia ??u Lo?i 48 ng??i c?c k? gay c?n, ?òi h?i nhi?u k? n?ng h?n và ?i cùng v?i ?ó là nh?ng ph?n th??ng x?ng ?áng dành cho ng??i chi?n th?ng chung cu?c.
Xuân K? H?i này, các tay ?ua T?c ?? ?t h?n s? khó lòng c??ng l?i s?c hút c?a ZingSpeed Mobile. ?? h?a s? d?ng ph??ng th?c hi?n th? tiên ti?n, mang ??n tr?i nghi?m m?i m?. Các cu?c ?ua l?n nh? di?n ra liên t?c, ???ng ?ua khét l?a s?n sàng m?i lúc m?i n?i. Giao di?n ??c bi?t mùa T?t mang không khí xuân tràn ng?p, giúp các tay ?ua v?a vui T?t, v?a th?a mãn ?am mê t?c ??.

Trong game có th? k?t b?n v?i ng??i ch?i khác, cùng tr??ng thành và tr? giúp nhau. Tính n?ng thành l?p ??i ?ua là m?t ?i?m n?i b?t c?a dòng game ?ua xe, h?n n?a các tay ?ua có th? thi ??u t?i biên gi?i giành l?y ph?n th??ng và vinh d?. Game có khu v?c rèn luy?n k? n?ng giúp ng??i ch?i v?ng tay tr??c khi b??c vào thi ??u, t?ng kh? n?ng t?ng h?ng. Khi ?ã m?t, có th? ??n Khu gi?i trí cùng giao l?u v?i ng??i ch?i khác.

Các Tính N?ng N?i B?t:

• ?em ??n c?m giác tr?i nghi?m ZingSpeed trên ?i?n tho?i vô cùng m??t mà và h?p d?n
• Các ki?u ch?i quen thu?c nh? ?ua T?c ??, ?ua ??o C?, ??u H?ng, C?t Truy?n.
• Thao tác ?ua ??n gi?n – Drift cháy phanh, ?ua nhanh v? ?ích.
• ???h?a Chibi?c?c k??b?t m?t và cá tính cho Teen.
• ???ng ?ua ??y th? thách, chuyên nghi?p – N?i b?c l? k? n?ng c?a các Racer
• Âm nh?c s?ng ??ng và th?i th??ng
• H? th?ng Th?i trang phong phú,?a d?ng.
• Dàn xe c?c kh?ng, nâng c?p c?c ng?u
• Tính n?ng K?t hôn ??c s?c m?i l? - Không th? b? qua.
• Tính n?ng ?ua ??o c? cùng b?n bè v?a vui, v?a gây c?n
• ?ua m?i lúc ch?i vui m?i n?i

• RECORD_AUDIO s? d?ng ?? tính n?ng chat voice trong game.
• GET_ACCOUNTS s? d?ng ?? g?i n?i dung ??n user. ZingSpeed ??Mobile - Vui Xuan has a team, both teams race.

ZingSpeed ??Mobile is a top-notch 3D racing game, builds on the original PC, manipulates the PC version inheritance, retains the skills and depth of operation, familiar modes like Speed ??Racing, Racing Props, Rankings, Plot. This is a typical game that enhances skills, with stylish, eye-catching character creation. The new Drift feeling, the competitiveness and the high interaction make the game unique.
ZingSpeed ??Mobile replaced new clothes for Tet with the opening of the spring track and some interesting updates. Players can own pets, nurture and join the track, helping characters gain more special skills. The riders also easily own the lucky gifts at the beginning of the year at the Prayer feature. More specifically, since this New Year, players have been able to participate in the 48-strong Type of Match, demanding more skills and accompanying them with worthy rewards for the final winner.
This Spring of the Pig, the Speed ??races will probably be hard to resist the attraction of ZingSpeed ??Mobile. Graphics use advanced display methods, bringing new experiences. The big and small races take place continuously, the fire race is ready anytime, anywhere. The special interface of Tet season brings a spring atmosphere, helping riders to enjoy Tet and satisfy the passion of speed.

The game can make friends with other players, grow up and help each other. The team-building feature is a highlight of the racing game series, and riders can compete in the border for rewards and honor. The game has a skill training area that helps players stay strong before entering the game, increasing their ability to increase rank. When tired, you can go to the entertainment area to interact with other players.
Hot Features:

• Bring the feeling of ZingSpeed ??experience on your phone extremely smooth and attractive
• Familiar play types like Speed ??Racing, Props Racing, Ranking, Plot.
• Simple racing manipulation - Drift burns brakes, races fast to the finish line.
• Great eyes and personality for Teen.
• Challenging, professional race - A place to reveal Racer skills
• Vivid and trendy music
• Rich and diverse fashion system.
• Extremely huge car, very cool upgrade
• Unique novelty Marriage feature - Not to be missed.
• Race the props feature with friends that are both fun and exciting
• Racing at all times to play everywhere

• RECORD_AUDIO used for voice chat feature in the game.
• GET_ACCOUNTS is used to send content to users. - Th? ?th?c ??ua ?xe? m?i???ua? xe? Moto?
- Tính ?n?ng ?m?i: Speed Pass?
- ??i ??ua:?Tính ?n?ng? ?ua? ??i? x?p?h?ng

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ZingSpeed Mobile 98043 1.2 GB
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Android 4.0.3+ 2019-04-12 1,000,000+ VNG Game Publishing

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