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Description of Willpower Challenge: Motivation And Self Control For Android APK Download

Willpower is a general strength which influences how we think, how we act and how capable we are to reach our goals. Willpower is more critical to success and happiness in life than intelligence. This app helps you to improve your willpower, motivation and self-control in the short-term and in the long-term, based on scientifically proven methods.

Certain physiological and environmental conditions impair our willpower and make it more difficult to make decisions which are in line with our goals. For example, when we are stressed and tired like after a week of hard work on a Friday evening, it becomes more difficult to keep our goals in mind and to make decisions which are in line with what we really want. The main reason for that is that in such situations, the region in the brain which is responsible for basic instincts (the limbic system) becomes more active than the region which is responsible for willpower (the prefrontal cortex).

However, there are many scientifically proven possibilities to proactively improve our willpower in the short-term and in the long-term. Some of them need a very small effort and have a huge positive impact on our willpower. The interventions which are helpful in the short-term can be very powerful to overcome immediate willpower challenges.

The problem is, that when we are stressed and tired, it’s not only getting harder to remember our goals, but also to remember and select appropriate actions which strengthen our willpower and it’s becoming more difficult to make decisions based on this knowledge. This phenomenon is also called “decision fatigue”. In such situations it’s more difficult to overcome immediate willpower challenges than when we are relaxed and recovered. Remembering helpful actions and selecting the most appropriate ones in a certain situation are heavy lifting for the brain when it is willpower depleted!

That’s when this app becomes a very helpful tool. The function “Willpower Boost” asks you for your current mental, physical and environmental conditions and then suggests actions which are suitable to improve your willpower in your specific situation. The app takes the heavy lifting, narrows down the possible actions from a “pool of actions” to a small number of actions which are most appropriate and simple to apply in your situation. In addition, the app motivates you to perform these actions, remembers you of your goals and gives easy to understand instructions. This will take you one step further towards your goals, whenever you use this app and apply this method.

✔ SMART goal planner which improves willpower, motivation and self control
✔ Automatic and manual progress tracking for goals (weekly and overall progress, Earned Value)
✔ Various predefined goals like lose weight, save money, improve self control, drink more water, spend more time with family, buy a car or become a better friend
✔ User defined goals
✔ Task list with recurring tasks
✔ Diary with fingerprint lock (filter for individual goals)
✔ Goal planner, diary and task list in Material Design
✔ Inform a coach or friend about the progress of your goals
✔ QuickGoalEditor for visualization and documentation of your goals
✔ Various filter functions for goals, tasks and diary entries
✔ Willpower Boost function with artificial intelligence (AI)
✔ Configurable reminders for tasks, willpower boosts and motivational quotes
✔ Evaluation of data from Google Fit to support you in your goal achievement
✔ Visualization of your life balance

- Automatic update of environment conditions for Willpower Boost added (weather including forecast, UV Index, Air Quality Index, moon phase, number of steps)
- Evaluation of willpower challenges added
- AI (neural network) added which optimizes suggestions for actions in Willpower Boost function
- Matterhorn mountain as background added
- Methods for goal definition added

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Willpower Challenge: Motivation and Self Control 24
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7.0 and up April 11, 2020 5,000+ Willpower Challenge

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