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More than 1400 common and essential words to learn
Learn words with perfect pronunciation
Visual cue images / photos
Simple and easy to memorize definitions
Plenty of example sentences
Easily learn English vocabulary words with flashcard game backed by science
Separate tabs to practice your learned, favorite and all words
Helpful for anybody preparing for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, and SAT exam

Have you ever felt like there is a thought in your mind that you cant express in English? While listening to English music or watching English movies, TV series or news no matter how hard you try you dont understand what they are saying? Well, thats because you are not familiar with the English vocabulary words they are using. To communicate effectively in English, it is extremely necessary to have a good understanding and improve your English vocabulary. Learning English vocabulary wont just make it easier to communicate, watching TV programs and listening to music but it will also help you to learn anything in the world you want to learn.

As learning and improving your English vocabulary can bring you so many benefits but it isnt always easy to learn English vocabulary. While other vocabulary builder apps are providing you with complicated meaning that leaves you confused and bomber you with annoying pop-up ads, we focus on providing the premium quality user experience for free.
There are hundreds of thousand English vocabulary words you can learn, but not all the vocabulary words are useful. To save you time from learning unnecessary English vocabulary words, we hired expert teachers to collect a collection of important words for you. We exactly know what kind of problems people face while learning English vocabulary. Dont you think sometimes vocabulary builder apps use unnecessarily complicated definition to define a simple word? Thats why we provide each word with a simple meaning and to make it even easier to understand, we provide many synonyms.
All English learners have had that embarrassing moment when you learn a word and somebody tells you that you are pronouncing the word incorrectly. To prevent you from having that kind of shame and embarrassment in front of people, in our English vocabulary builder app we have English word pronunciation with audio. So now you can listen and learn perfect English pronunciation.

The most important thing you have to remember while learning English vocabulary is, it is easy to memorize words but its waste of time if you cant use the words in sentences. Thats why we provide plenty of example sentences which will surely give the idea of how to use the words in sentences in real life conversations.
In almost all vocabulary builder apps, you will find that there is a mechanism to learn words but there is no way to review words that you have learned. We know It is very important to revisit words after you have learned them. Thats why our vocabulary builder app has a separate section for your learned words. There are also separate sections for your favorite words and all the words in the app.

Spaced repetition flashcards

A learning technique that incorporates increasing intervals of time between subsequent review and testing of previously learned material in order to exploit the psychological spacing effect.
The notion that spaced repetition could be used for improving learning was first proposed in the book Psychology of Study by Professor C. A. Mace in 1932. Spaced repetition was originally implemented through the use of flashcard systems. Luckily for you, we have spaced repetition flashcards game in our vocabulary builder app which is similar to English word quiz and helps you easily memorize the English vocabulary words in your long-term memory.
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