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VibraPak: Muscle Pain and Injury
Muscle and Joint Pain – This is a great frequency panel for workout enthusiasts and those with chronic muscle and joint pain. It is best played through speakers for generalized soreness. You can also place a speaker on a body part that is painful to help relieve the symptoms. It is even more effective when simultaneously played through both speakers and a sonic whole body vibration machine.

The VibraGenix Series of applications are advanced sound frequency generator programs, designed to create powerful frequency formulas for your cells! This technology can provide you with drug free possibilities for a healthier life, and a more beautiful body.

Although we are not allowed to make claims that this software can treat or cure disease... We can say that it may help relieve the symptoms associated with many conditions. From personal experience, and from others, it is music for your cells that changes the game.

We believe that medicine in the future will incorporate sound frequencies, more than just imaging ultrasound currently used, or that used for pain and non-invasive lipo.

Interestingly, there's nothing more natural than sound frequencies, and for countless century's, music has had a powerful influence over humanity. It effects our energy levels and emotions... calming, inspiring, energizing ...depending on the tones or combinations of frequencies.

WHAT IF this powerful natural phenomenon that has such influence over us, is actually a key to Health, Wellness and Beauty?

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VibraGenix-Muscle Pain 2.0.3 0
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4.0.3 and up January 29, 2015 1+ VibraGenix, LLC.

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