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Syllable Deletion - PPA-17


The Phonologics Phonological Awareness program was developed by a certified Speech Language Pathologist with 35+ years of clinical experience in University and Public School settings.

Let your child get a jump start on reading literacy. Phonological Awareness is a foundation reading skill of great importance. Help your child learn and strengthen phonological awareness with these engag ing and fun educational games.

Phonological awareness holds predictive power in childrens later reading proficiency and is the strongest single determinant of the success they will experience in learning to read.

Phonological Awareness is the awareness that spoken sentences, syllables, and words can be divided into smaller units. Phonemic Awareness is the awareness of individual sounds in words.

Phonological awareness is NOT phonics. Phonics involves attaching the letters to sounds.

Phonological awareness PRECEDES phonics.

These programs have been used successfully with normally developing readers in grades preschool-6, children with learning disabilities and dyslexia, children with poor phonological processing skills, children with spoken language and expressive phonological impairments, children across various socioeconomic levels, and children learning English as a second language.

According to NRP findings, the inclusion of phonemic awareness training in phonics instruction is a key component contributing to its effectiveness in teaching children to read. Also, success in phonics, spelling, word recognition, reading, and writing skills is dependent upon a solid foundation of phonemic awareness skills.

Programs meet all CCSS for phonological/phonemic awareness included in the reading standards as a foundational skill for grades K-5.

22 skills that align with CCSS are targeted for practice in this series. The series will be available incrementally as individual apps are converted for the App platform. These skills include:

NOTE: listing order is based on developmental sequence, from the earliest to the latest, but can be implemented in any order based on ability and success of the child

1. Whole Word Discrimination: hearing if words are the same
2. Syllable Segmentation: counting syllables in a word
3. Rhyme Recognition: judging if words rhyme
4. Rhyme Production: choosing a word that rhymes
5. Sound Discrimination: hearing if sounds are the same
6. Sentence Segmentation: counting words in a sentence
7. Syllable Blending: blending syllables to form words
8. Sound Recognition Initial Position: listening to sounds at the beginning of words
9. Sound Approximation: locating a sound in a word
10. Sound Isolation Initial Position: judging a sound at the beginning of the word
11. Sound Isolation Final Position: judging a sound at the end of the word
12. Sound Isolation Medial Position: judging a sound in the middle of the word
13. Sound Blending: blending sounds to form words
14. Sound Recognition Final Position: listening to sounds at the end of words
15. Sound Recognition Medial Position: listening to sounds in the middle of words
16. Sound Segmentation: counting sounds in a word
17. Syllable Deletion: making new words when a syllable is eliminated
18. Sound Deletion: making new words when a sound is eliminated
19. Sound Addition: making new words when a sound is added
20. Sound Substitution - Initial Position: making new words when a sound is altered at the beginning
21. Sound Substitution - Final Position: making new words when a sound is altered at the end
22. Sound Substitution - Medial Position: making new words when a sound is altered in the middle
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