Simple Turtle LOGO - Coding & Drawing (STEM) 1.51

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About this app:

Code with the Simple Turtle app, learn to create simple programming code with Turtle LOGO commands to control your Turtle and draw fun images and designs!! Learn Basic coding of LOGO and have fun.

This is a Free Coding App! - with NO IAPs and NO paid adverts

Learn & experiment to create amazing Turtle Graphics.
Great for STEM education & learning.

Fast, Easy and Fun - TAP the commands you want, then ADD them to your program! Hit RUN when done! Use REPEAT for more advanced designs.

* NEWLY REVISED VERSION - Used by Exam Practice *

LOGO coding language was created in 1967 and used as a beginners programming tool. LOGO is one of the best applications for computer coding for beginners.

Key Features:
- Simple Loops and Nested Loops.
- Create great patterns and designs using code and mathematics.
- Simple Tap GUI system for all commands.

Great educational STEM programming app for teaching coding to beginners, using the Point and Click commands. Useful for your Logo exams or STEM events. Ideal for early computing students and stem education projects. Helps improve math skills too.

Follows close to the MIT Logo standard and MSWLogo

Step 1. Press Commands on right side, press number values on left
FD 50
LF 35

NEW! Nested REPEAT loops - up to 3 levels.
e.g. Nesting

FD 90
RT 90
FD 40
RT 90

Step 2. Then Hit '< ADD COMMANDS' to add the current bottom line of code to your program listing shown on the left of the screen.

(repeat 1 & 2 to add more lines to your program)

Step 3. Hit 'Click to Run' to draw using your code

Remember to hit 'Click to RUN' when you want to execute your commands

New since version 1.14 - Added DRAW MODE to toggle moving Turtle instantly after each single line of commands. Some users seem to expect this, so I have added it as an option.

Hit DRAWMODE and then the "< ADD COMMANDS" to activate - do same again to deactivate.

Best turtle app for educational use with Tablets. Fun activity coding app for STEM and helping users to learn to code.

Tap on code commands on the right and then the number values on the left, then tap 'Add Commands' after a line of commands is ready. Then press DELETE to reset line etc.
NOTE: Pressing DELETE on an empty line deletes your program on the left.

Example of Computer Programming with Logo:

FD 10
LT 30
BK 5
LT 20
FD 20

Programming / Code Commands:

FD x = Forward Turtle x pixels

BK x = Backward x pixels

RT x = Right Turn Turtle by x degrees

LT x = Left Turn Turtle by x degrees

PU = Pen Up (Do not draw while moving)

PD = Pen Down (Draw as normal)

REPEAT x = Creates a loop to run x times which runs any commands within the loop. Place END when closing loop.

END = Closes a REPEAT loop. (Loops can be nested)

PEN x = Color of pen (0 - 7)

ENTER COMMAND = Adds current line to Actions List

DRAWMODE = Toggles Turtle movement to be Instant OR to wait for Run command.

DELETE = Clears the command line first, then the Deletes program Action list.

RESET = Clears commands and resets your Turtle

QUIT = Exits the program

(Check out our fun ZX Code Club book on Amz for more Coding Activities in BASIC!)

Twitter: @ZXSpectrum_Club
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