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??? M T? CHUNG ???
PUBG Mobile - PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE l game b?n sng sinh t?n ???c yu thch nh?t trn ton th? gi?i do Tencent & BlueHole nghin c?u pht tri?n ? ???c pht hnh chnh th?c t?i Vi?t Nam duy nh?t b?i VNG.
??? GAME PLAY ???
Khi tham gia tr ch?i, b?n s? cng 99 ng??i ch?i khc nh?y d xu?ng m?t hn ??o hoang 8x8 km ?? tham gia vo tr?n chi?n sinh t?n. Vng bo s? thu h?p d?n, ng??i ch?i ph?i ch?y vo bo ?? t?n t?i. Thu th?p sng v trang b?, chi?n ??u hnh ??ng v?i nh?ng n g??i ch?i khc v s? d?ng m?i chi?n thu?t ?? c th? s?ng st cu?i cng.
??? ??C S?C ???
1. ?? ho? & m thanh chu?n HD
Tr ch?i s? d?ng cng ngh? Unreal Engine 4 mang l?i tr?i nghi?m ?? ho? chn th?t, m thanh s?ng ??ng nh?t. Ng??i ch?i s? ?ng vai 1 nhn v?t hnh ??ng trong game ?em l?i c?m gic tr?i nghi?m nh? 1 b? phim hnh ??ng ?i?n ?nh chn th?c nh?t.
2. Th?a mn ?am m v? Sng
Sng l ni?m c?m h?ng b?t t?n trong tr ch?i, bn c?nh ? cn nh?ng v? kh v cng ??c bi?t ? ??ng hnh cng th??ng hi?u PUBG nh? chi?c Ch?o Th?n Thnh, M? 3, "Gip 3" ?? ng??i ch?i c th? k?t h?p chi?n thu?t t?t nh?t v t?o nn nh?ng cu chuy?n troll nhau khng bao gi? h?t.
3. C??i xe loot thnh
Th?a ?am m loot thnh, c??i con xe ch?t nh?t ? l nh?ng tr?i nghi?m khng th? b? qua khi ch?i game b?n sng sinh t?n.
4. Giao l?u n?m chu b?n b? - ch?i game l c b?n
Khi tr?i nghi?m trong game, b?n c c? h?i lm quen v?i b?n b kh?p n?i trn th? gi?i v?i tnh n?ng voice chat trong PUBG VN, ??ng th?i b?n lun c c?m gic ???c chia s?.
5. Rank & thi ??u
Sinh t?n l ch?a ??, ph?i tr??ng t?n. H? th?ng nhi?m v? & rank phong ph ?a d?ng trong mobile PUBG gip cc b?n khng ng?ng ch?ng t? k? n?ng b?t t? c?a mnh.
6. T?o hnh & Trang ph?c
Ngo?i trang trong th? lo?i b?n sng sinh t?n PUBGM ???c thi?t k? tinh x?o nh? th?t. B?n c th? t? thi?t k? khun m?t & ch?n cho mnh nh?ng trang ph?c th?i trang ???c thi?t k? t? m?, ???c chau chu?t t?ng cht. M?c ln ng??i nh?ng b? ?? Richkid, kh?ng ??nh ch?t ring c?a mnh b?ng trang ph?c th?i th??ng, t?i sao khng ?
?y khng ph?i tr ch?i, ?y l PUBG MOBILE VN!

???YU C?U C?U HNH???
* Khi tham gia game mobile PUBG VN ng??i ch?i c?n k?t n?i internet lin l?c.
* C?u hnh khuy?n ngh? ?? c tr?i nghi?m t?t nh?t khi ch?i PUBG MOBILE VN: Android 5.1.1 ho?c cao h?n v t nh?t 2 GB RAM.
Phin b?n hi?n t?i h? tr? h?n 500 thi?t b? Android, bao g?m cc thi?t b? sau: GALAXY NOTE8, SONY XPERIA XZ1, GALAXY S8, GOOGLE PIXEL2, GALAXY NOTE5, HUAWEI HONOR8, LG G5, REDMI 4A, HUAWEI P9, SONY XPERIA X, REDMI NOTE4.
?? ng??i ch?i c s? tr?i nghi?m t?t nh?t, game[PUBG MOBILE VN] c?n cc quy?n sau: B? nh?(READ/WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE): dng ?? truy c?p cc file game v th?c hi?n cc tnh n?ng c?a tr ch?i (ch?p hnh tr?n ??u hay v chia s? cho b?n b). Chng ti ch? s? d?ng cc quy?n trn cho m?c ?ch c?a game, khng l?u b?t c? thng tin c nhn c?a ng??i ch?i!
??? H? TR? ???
N?u b?n c b?t k? cu h?i ho?c quan tm no, vui lng lin h? v?i b? ph?m ch?m sc khch hng c?a chng ti theo ??a ch?

Trang ch?:
PUBG Mobile - PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE is the most popular survival shooter worldwide developed by Tencent & BlueHole which has been officially released in Vietnam only by VNG.
??? PLAY GAME ???
When participating in the game, you will join 99 other players parachuting into an uninhabited island 8x8 km to participate in the survival battle. The board will narrow down, players must run to bo to survive. Collect guns and equipment, fight action with other players and use all tactics to be able to survive in the end.
??? FEATURES ???
1. HD standard graphics & sound
The game uses Unreal Engine 4 technology to provide a true graphic experience, the most vivid sound. Players will play the role of an action character in the game to bring the feeling of experience as the most authentic action movie movie.
2. Satisfy your passion for Guns
Gun is an endless inspiration in the game, besides there are extremely special weapons that have accompanied PUBG brand such as "Divine Pan", "Hat 3", "Armor 3" ... for players Can combine best tactics and create troll stories together never before.
3. Riding the car loot hearing
Passion for loot hearing, ride the best car - those are not to be missed when playing survival shooter.
4. Socializing in four seasons - playing games is having friends
When you experience in the game, you have the opportunity to get to know friends all over the world with the voice chat feature in PUBG VN, and you always have the feeling of being shared.
5. Rank & competition
Survival is not enough, it must be permanent. The rich system of tasks & rank in mobile PUBG helps you to constantly show your immortal skills.
6. Shaping & Costumes
Exteriors in survival shooting genre PUBGM is designed as sophisticated as real. You can design your own face and choose for yourself the carefully designed, fashionable clothes. Dressed in people with Richkid suits, affirming their own qualities with trendy clothes, why not?
This is not a game, this is PUBG MOBILE VN!

* When joining mobile PUBG game, players need to connect to the internet consecutively.
* Recommended configuration for the best experience when playing PUBG MOBILE VN: Android 5.1.1 or higher and at least 2 GB RAM.
The current version supports more than 500 Android devices, including the following devices: GALAXY NOTE8, SONY XPERIA XZ1, GALAXY S8, GOOGLE PIXEL2, GALAXY NOTE5, HUAWEI HONOR8, LG G5, REDMI 4A, HUAWEI P9, SONY XPERIA X , REDMI NOTE4.
In order for the player to have the best experience, the game [PUBG MOBILE VN] needs the following permissions: Memory (READ / WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE): used to access game files and perform game features (shooting game good and share with friends). We only use the above rights for the purpose of the game, do not save any player's personal information!
??? SUPPORT ???
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer care department at the address.

Email: Ch? ?? ch?i m?i - Zombie: Sinh t?n ??n bnh minh, ng??i ch?i s? chi?n ??u v?i Zombie v Boss ??n t? Resident Evil 2.
- C?p nh?t ch? ?? ??u nhanh: B? sung b?n ?? Sanhok.
- Hi?u ?ng th?i ti?t: Xu?t hi?n nh Tr?ng ? Vikendi.
- S?nh ch? thay ??i theo ch? ?? Resident Evil 2.
- Khai m? ho?t ??ng mang ch? ?? Resident Evil 2, nhi?u trang ph?c gi?i h?n ?ang ch? b?n.
- B? sung ?i?u ch?nh hi?u ?ng ?? bng ?u ho hao pin v nhi?t ?? c?a thi?t b?.
- Ch?nh s?a hi?n th? ??a hnh ??i v?i my c?u hnh th?p.
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