Omnitouch 1.1.5 For Android APK Download

Description of Omnitouch 1.1.5 For Android APK Download

* Weather station report based on latitude, longitude provided.
* Two connections Local IP and Domain name (Outside IP) supported within one account
* Looking for available connection automatically
* Voice control supported (Require Internet connection)
* Supported HAI Music Gateway and Music Server
* Supported Hi-Fi2 Equalizer Setting
* Control light and Appliance.
* Security management.
* Air Conditioner Management
* Multi Room Hi-Fi2 Audio system.
* Macro Button Control
* Home phone's screen Widget function supported
* User Setting
* Access Control
* Room and Area manage by Users
* Camera JPEG, MJPEG and RTSP H264/H265 format.
* Press and hold Item desire to Re-name (Please change display to LIST MODE)
* Transfer all information account to other devices over wifi (Require same wi-fi network)

Video channel:

Like Leviton SnapLink Mobile App, NQLink work with Leviton Security&Automation Omni/Lumina familly Controller. NQLink use latest technology for connection and data processing, NQLink much faster on connect than other app that you ever seen.

NQLink Provide both connection Local IP and Outside IP or domain name with one account for all devices: Controller, Hi-Fi2, Music Sever, Camera. App automatically looking for available connection every time. if you switch your phone between Local wifi to cellular data network, NQLink automatically switch connection also.

NQLink can run in background and start with your phone reboot to give you option notification on system such as: Security Mode, Lighting changed state .,etc.

Helena Virtual Assistant Voice Control:
Language supported in version: 1.0.9: Italian, English, Vietnamese
IF YOU NEED YOUR LANGUAGE: please contact to me to get record of keywords.
Requirement: Google Voice Search app installed (Free On Google Play).

IMPORTANT: Some phone need permission Helena use your Microphone:

On your phone: Setting >> Applications >> Application Manager >> NQLink Trial >> Permission >> now Enable Microphone

* Change language in phone setting to supported language
* rename devices as your desire.
Important: The name of device have same kind have to difference.
Example: In lighting list, all devices have to occupied different name. if not, only last device have same name should be respond your command.


For lighting control:
- To turn all light on: "Turn on all light"
- To turn all light off: "Turn off all light"
- To control a light: Your command have to contain: "light", "lamp", "unit" and the function "turn on", "turn off", "%"
ex: "turn on living room light", "turn off living room light", "Living room light 68%"

For Audio:
Command to control Audio have to contain keyword "Audio"
ex: "turn on living room audio", "turn off living room audio", "next song living room audio", "previous song living room audio"

For Button:
Command to control Audio have to contain keyword "Button"
ex: "run button open gara"

For Thermostat
Command to control Audio have to contain keyword "thermostat", "air conditioner", "degrees" (temp set-point)
ex: "living room thermostat mode cool", "living room thermostat mode heat", "turn off living room thermostat",
"set living room thermostat temperature 25 degrees"

For security System:
Command to control Audio have to contain keyword "Security"
- Report security system command: "report security system"
- Set security mode arm command: "set security system to away", "set security system to day" .,etc

For security Zone:
Command have to include: "security" and "Zone"
- Report security Zone status: command include "report" ex: "report security zone living room"
- Bypass zone: command include "bypass" ex: "bypass security zone living room"
- Restore zone: command include "restore" ex: "restore security zone living room"
- Restore all zone: "restore all security zone"

Additional Information

App Name Version Rating Size
OmniTouch 1.1.5 0
Requirement Updated Installs Developer
5.0 and up April 30, 2019 10+ Microtron Technology

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