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This app Polyglot. Learn Spanish Vocabulary is designed for learning Spanish words.''How it works''The app shows you a word and a sentence with this word in English. You have to answer how this word should be translated into Spanish.The program encourages you, if your answer is correct. If your answer is wrong, you will see the correct answer and a word card.In any case you will see the translation of the sentence into Spanish.For correct answers you receive points. For wrong answers you lose th em.You can see a word card if you choose this option in menu.First, the program chooses 15 words from current word list and starts showing them randomly.When a word is sent to the list of "repeated words", a new word from the list appears.How the points are calculated+2. Correct translation of the word, no mistakes were made with this word+1. Correct translation of the word, previously the translation was wrong0. The word card was shown-2. Wrong answer=4. Wrong translation of a "repeated" wordWhen you gain 5 points, the word is sent to the group of "repeated words", it will be shown to you again in 1, 2 or 3 days.The number of days, when a word will be shown to you again, is counted from thee day of your last answer.If you give correct answers all the times the word is shown to you, this word will be sent to the group of "learned words" and it won't be shown to you again.If you have seen a word card of a "repeated word", you make a step backwards.For example, you have to translate a word in 3 days and you have seen the word card, you will see this word again the next day.If the dots of statistics are green, it means that this word is in the group of "repeated words".If you have already learned all the words in a list, the program will show you the words from this list to fix your result''Information on the screen''The following information is shown on the screen: Your score. It is shown as 8 dots in the upper right corner. It means the number of points you have on the current word. One dot means one point. When you gain 5 points, the dots become green and the word is sent to the group of "repeated words". Percent of the learned words in a list. If you tap on this number, you will see the detailed statistics on the list you are learning A word in the upper left corner it the one you have to translate into Spanish''Dictionary and word lists''Now there are about 650 most popular Spanish words and words from "Polyglot. Learn Spanish" app. 9 word lists are available: Basic. Basic word list My word list. Custom list of the words from the dictionary Verbs. Adjectives. City. Family. House. Time. All words. All words from the dictionaryWords in the lists are shown in the order of learning.''My word list''You can make your own word list, using the dictionary of the app. How to do it: choose a word list, e.g. All words choose Words of the list in menu Mark all necessary words Choose Add to my list in menuTo remove words from your list do the following: Choose My word list Choose Words of the list in menu Mark all necessary words Choose Remove from my list ...
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