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Trong th? gi?i c?a Th?i ??i Hi?p S?, b?t k? ai l?n lên ??u b?t ??u cu?c phiêu l?u c?a riêng mình nh? ?i ??n nh?ng vùng ??t ch?a ???c khám phá, chi?n ??u ch?ng l?i nh?ng th? l?c x?u xa. H? ???c g?i là nh?ng Hi?p S? c?a t? do, và b?n s? là m?t trong s? ?ó.

Là m?t game nh?p vai tr?c tuy?n – Th?i ??i Hi?p S? mang ??n c?t truy?n h?p d?n và vui nh?n, th? gi?i r?ng l?n th?a s?c khám phá, h? th?ng chi?n ??u – v?t ph?m ?a d?ng cùng v?i 4 l?p nhân v?t ?? b?n l?a ch?n.

Th?i ??i Hi?p S? là trò ch?i tr?c tuy?n ?a n?n t?ng. B?n có th? ch?i ???c trên máy tính PC Windows, iPhone, Các dòng máy ch?y h? ?i?u hành Android, Windows Phone, và có c? b?n Java ch?y trên S40, S60 c? c?a Nokia. V?i ch?t l??ng cao và t?c ?? m??t mà trên các lo?i ???ng truy?n m?ng ADSL, 3G, GPRS.

Trò ch?i thích h?p v?i m?i l?a tu?i. ?i?u khi?n tr?c ti?p nhân v?t r?t d? dàng trên màn hình c?m ?ng. Khi ch?i trên PC b?n ch? c?n dùng chu?t, ho?c linh ho?t ?i?u khi?n nhân v?t v?i bàn phím c?ng ?i?n tho?i Nokia S40, S60 c?. In the world of Age of Knights, anyone who grew up are starting their own adventures like go to the unexplored lands, fighting against the evil forces. They are called the Knights of freedom, and you will be one of them.

As an online role-playing games - Age of Knights brought compelling storyline and fun, unleash the vast world to explore, battle system - various items with 4 character classes to choose from .

Age Knight online game platform. You can play on Windows PC, iPhone, computer lines running Android, Windows Phone, and have both the Java running on S40, S60 Nokia's old. With high quality and speed smoother on the type of network connection ADSL, 3G, GPRS.

The game is suitable for all ages. Directly control the character very easily on the touch screen. When played on a PC you just use your mouse, or flexible control character with a hard keyboard phones Nokia S40, S60 old.

Additional Information

App Name Version Rating Size
Knight Age 2.0.0 31705 33.1 MB
Requirement Updated Installs Developer
Android 2.3.2+ 2019-07-04 1,000,000+ Silver Bat

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