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Cng st cnh trn ??u tr??ng 5v5 hon ton m?i & mi?n ph!

Kh?ng ??nh b?n thn, st cnh ??ng ??i, thch ??u hng tri?u ng??i ch?i khc qua v s? nh?ng cu?c chi?n 5v5 c?c hay trn ??u tr??ng tr?c tuy?n huy?n tho?i MOBA Esports 5v5 Lin Qun Mobile th?ng b?i t?i k? n?ng! H? th?ng tm tr?n d??i 10 giy, tr?n ??u di?n bi?n ch?p nhong ??y k?ch tnh, k?t qu? phn ??nh chi?n th?ng d??i 10 pht. Tham gia ch?i hon ton mi?n ph v?i kho t??ng v?a hay v?a ch?t t? v s? th?n tho?i qu?c t?, chiu th?c k? ?o ??c s?c ??y ?a d?ng, chi?n thu?t bi?n t?u v cng t?n v r?t nhi?u nh?ng ?i?m tinh ty c?c hay k? th?a t? cc t?a game huy?n tho?i MOBA Esports PC n?i ti?ng xu?t s?c nh?t th? gi?i.

Hy ch?n ngay m?t bi?t danh v?a ch?t v?a hay, gia nh?p th? gi?i huy?n tho?i MOBA Esports 5v5 Lin Qun Mobile mi?n ph siu ph?m bom t?n ti?p theo c?a Garena - v khi?n ton b? th? gi?i bi?t ??n tn c?a b?n!


1. Ch? ?? ch?i ?a d?ng, th?a s?c chi?n ??u
Bn c?nh b?n ?? 5v5, ng??i ch?i c th? th?a s?c cng b?n b tr?i nghi?m cc b?n ?? ty bi?n khc nh? 5v5 ng?u nhin, 3v3, 1v1, v nh?ng ch? ?? ch?i ??c bi?t c?c hay lin t?c ???c c?p nh?t d?a trn ph?n h?i c?a ng??i ch?i.

2. Giao tranh lin t?c, so ti k? n?ng
Chi?n th?ng d?a trn ba v ch? ba y?u t? then ch?t b?o ??m cng b?ng tuy?t ??i ?ng ch?t MOBA Esports: k? n?ng, ??ng ??i, v chi?n thu?t. S? khc bi?t duy nh?t gi?a ng??i ch?i v?i ng??i ch?i chnh l qu trnh trui rn v tch l?y kinh nghi?m ?? v??n ln m?t t?m cao m?i.

3. Ch?i m?i lc m?i n?i & hon ton mi?n ph
Th?i gian ch? tm tr?n trong ch?p m?t. Di?n bi?n tr?n c?c nhanh v?i giao tranh & hnh ??ng n? ra lin t?c nh?m b?o ??m th?i l??ng tr?n v?a ph?i. Ch? 10 pht m?t tr?n, tha h? tho?i mi ch?i Lin Qun Mobile b?t k? ?u, vo b?t k? lc no, ??c bi?t hon ton mi?n ph!

4. Thao tc ??n gi?n, d? dng lm quen
H? th?ng ?i?u khi?n t?i gi?n ??y tinh t? g?m ch? 2 phm ?o: tri di chuy?n, ph?i tung ?n ?nh & chiu th?c km b? h? tr? AI t? ch? ??nh m?c tiu. Ng??i ch?i s? ch? c?n ?ng 2 ngn tay, v d??i 5 giy tr?i nghi?m ?? s?n sng thch th?c m?i cu?c chi?n!

5. Voice chat ti?n d?ng, giao ti?p d? dng
H? th?ng tch h?p voice chat th?i gian th?c, v b? chat nhanh linh ho?t ty bi?n theo mu?n. Di?n bi?n tr?n ??u nhanh ??n ?u, t?c ?? giao ti?p s? cng nhanh & ti?n l?i ??n ??y.

6. C?nh tranh ??u h?ng, thch th?c ??nh cao
Cu?c chi?n thi th? ti n?ng ??y tnh MOBA Esports, th? hi?n b?n l?nh trn B?ng x?p h?ng huy?n tho?i c?a Lin Qun Mobile ngy cng nng h?n v?i s? tham gia c?a nh?ng anh ti t? c? qu?c n?i l?n qu?c t?. Ai s? l nh?ng c nhn b?t ph ??n ??nh cao? B?n chnh l ng??i n?m gi? cu tr? l?i!Arena LEGENDARY - victory or defeat IN SKILLS!
Closely together on a whole new arena 5v5 & Free!

Asserting itself, alongside teammates, challenge other players millions through countless wars or extreme arena 5v5 online legendary Union Military 5v5 MOBA Mobile Esports - victory or defeat in skill! Battle system detects less than 10 seconds, the game changes dramatically blitz, the results under 10 minutes to win. Join game completely free with warehouse Minister medium or medium quality from countless myths internationally, moves the virtual signature full of diversity, tactical variations endless ... and so many points quintessential super cool design derived from the legendary game popular MOBA Esports best PC world.

Select the right one physical medium or medium nickname, join legendary world 5v5 MOBA Esports Contact Free Mobile Forces - Blockbuster next Garena - and making the whole world knows your name!


1. diverse game modes, fighting unleash
Besides the map 5v5, players can unleash with friends to experience the customizable map such as 5v5 random, 3v3, 1v1, and the game modes especially positive or continuously updated based on response the player's recovery.

2. The fighting continuously against each skill
Victory and three based on three key elements ensure absolute fairness MOBA Esports right quality: skills, teammates, and strategy. The only difference between players with players was forged and the process of accumulation of experience to rise to new heights.

3. Play anytime, anywhere & totally free
Timeout looking games in the blink of an eye. Ultra-fast movements with ball & Action fighting broke out continuously in order to ensure moderate length match. Just 10 minutes a match, spoiled Contact Military Mobile comfortable playing anywhere, at any time, especially completely free!

4. Simple operation, easily acquainted
The control system includes exquisite minimalist box only 2 virtual keys: Cars moving left, the box must launch attacks & abilities together with the support AI self-appointed goals. Players will only need to correct two fingers, and less than 5 seconds to get ready to experience challenges all wars!

5. Voice chat handy, easy communication
The system integrates real-time voice chat, and the flexibility to customize quick chat at will. Evolutions fast game where speed will be faster communication & convenience to you.

6. Competitive matchmaking, challenging peak
use their talent war full of MOBA Esports, bravery shown on Chart legendary Union Military Mobile getting hotter with the participation of his account from both domestic and international. Who will be the individual breakout to the top? You held the answer!
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Android 4.0.3+ 2019-04-09 10,000,000+ Garena Mobile Private
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