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Lets join the LARGEST Dehla Pakad (Hindi: ) & Call Break (Hindi: ), Hokm ( Persian: ), Tarneeb (arabic: ) & Spades (America) COMMUNITY in the world to play online! You can play offline too.== Common Features ==We have packaged this game with awesome features like- Smart AI giving you a hard challenge- Both Single player & Online Multiplayer modes- 7+ themes- 7+ Cards Deck- 5+ Decks== 1. DEHLA PAKAD FEATURES =="Dehla Pakad" (Hindi for "Collect the tens") (Also known as Mindi or Mendicot) is a 4 player trick taking card game widely played in India.You can play both Single Player offline & Multi player online GameAdditionally play Call break & Spades along with it and will be adding many more games in future without downloading anything else.We don't know when & how it started what we do know is Its Exciting Very addictive Needs focus Requires lot of strategy and understanding with your partner, since you cant cheat here. You are on your own. And its 'Desi'.Facebook Fan Page : 2. Call Break FEATURES ==Callbreak is Strategic trick-based card game popular in countries of Indian Subcontinent like Nepal & India.It's very similar to Spades where Spades is always the trump & bidding is done. However - Bid is termed as 'The call' & 0 (nil) bid is not allowed- Its not a partner game- Every game consists of 5 rounds- Need to make exact or more tricks.- Excitement is next levelFacebook Fan Page : 3. HOKM ==HOKM ( ) is a classy persian trick playing cards game but we have designed it with a modern touch and is very similar to Court Piece , Rang or Rung. The word Hokm literally means command, order but in card game jargon, its Persian for trump suit. It requires strategy, patience and skill and If you like playing card games and you are probably bored with solo card games then you must try hokm for sure . The object is to be the first team or player to win 7 points.Download and experience the brilliant experienced we have offered and get to know the game even if you have never tried it before.== 4. Tarneeb ==Play classic middle eastern cards game of Tarneeb (arabic: ) online with our user base or offline with AI.Tarneeb is Arabic word literally meaning 'trump' is a trick-taking card game played with four players & bidding. Its popular in various middle eastern countries, most notably in Lebanon, Tanzania, Egypt & TurkeyIt has excitement of bidding & negative scoring for unachieved target similar to western game like Spades. What makes it different is that only bidder's team can earn or loose points. You need to win the bid similar to Indian game of 28/29. One has to play it to know all the excitement it is about.Follow us on facebook @ 5. Spades ==Spades is a trick-taking card game originated in USA in the 1930s however at present it's popular worldwide.Spades is particularly interesting among bidding games because of nil bids during game play which is not available in other games of same type.It's usually played with 4-players in fixed partnership using standard 52-cards deck where spade is always trump and objective is to score 500 points. ...
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