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Are You Related? Affordable Face Dna Photo App 0.7.1 For Android APK Download

About this app:

Face IT DNA Technology is a big deal. It uses a similar theory to what's used to unlock your mobile phone or office building using your face. It takes the facial profile of one person, calculates the unique facial points and compares them to another person to see if those two people could possibly be related.

Heres an example of how DNA Face Matching and Ancestry Face Matching Works: Our face recognition technology will scan several facial features, for example the alleged father's eyes a nd compare that calculation to the shape of the potential childs eyes. You could even compare the facial profiles of one sibling to another sibling. Various algorithms are in place that allow a grandparent, sibling, father, child, aunt, uncle or a cousin to verify relationship. Face Match DNA Technology has the capability to do this with several facial points. For example, the nose, cheeks, ears, head, chin and several other parts of the human face. We use 68 different facial points!

Recent studies have shown DNA Face Matching to be as high as 92% accurate.

The best photos to send are photos looking straight forward into the camera. Sometimes your head can be slightly turned and still pick up the calculations (dont worry no photo will ever be perfect). The older the person is the more mature their facial features are; therefore, the more recent the photo is the more precise the results usually are. Some people choose to use pictures of relatives at a younger age, even infancy. Yes, baby photos work as well.

Simply go to our website or your app store, upload the photos of the two people youd like to compare facial features on, make your payment and sit back and wait for same-day results. Results are available on our app and via email. Facial recognition services will never replace an actual mouth swab or blood DNA test, but the industry is ever-growing and is now used globally to give a strong probability of relationship without having to come into an office.

Start your facial scan now and unlock answers to your important questions today!

Electronic DNA Facial Point Connectivity EDFPC is a biometric process that uses unique patterns to manually scan human faces. DNA Face Matching scans the human face and then compares related facial traits to another persons facial traits. The Face Match process allows experts to determine certain genetic traits inherited by an alleged family member.

FACE IT, uses DNA Face Matching algorithms to assist in manually scanning the:

Facial Pattern
Eyebrow Pattern
Eye Pattern
Nose Pattern
Ear Pattern
Lip Pattern
Mouth Pattern
Cheek Pattern
Head Pattern
Chin Pattern
Skin Tone

The cost for the VALUE Package is $11.50. The fee for the BASIC Package is $28.50 and the fee for the PRO Package is $53. The fee for any of our Ancestry Face Matching services is $99. Ancestry Face DNA Testing compares the faces of two possible siblings, cousins, grandparents or aunt and uncle to a niece or nephew.

Save 25% off the BASIC Package by downloading and using the app today!

DNA Face Matching is DONE FROM HOME:
Easily upload photos
Add photos from family found on Facebook and other social media platforms

Office visit testing is also available for
Paternity DNA testing
Sibling DNA testing
Grandparent DNA testing
Aunt & Uncle DNA testing
Deceased person's DNA testing
Affordable pricing and fast testing times

Simply call to schedule an office test to get a mouth swab. (503) 468-1227
Office visit testing starts at $199
Face Match DNA testing is done from home and starts at $11.50

After you receive your DNA Ancestry results from another lab, Face Match DNA testing is a reliable way to verify if the results you received are accurate!

It's affordable, fast & confidential.

Get your DNA questions answered quickly. Install the Face Match DNA Test App now.
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