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Description of Alzheimer Tracker Locator Therapy Gps Game 1.3 For Android APK Download

The BrainForce application is an app that once installed on the android device you can locate this device through the website:

This app helps to slow the progress of Alzheimer's thanks to the binaural waves of this app.
This app has pure tone waves of original unmodified format.

This locator tracker updates its latitude and longitude every 25 seconds.
Use the advantages of the binaural waves of this application as a therapy against Alzheimer's.

Once the App is installed on your Smartphone go to Settings / battery and then press the button of the 3 points (the option) and then go to "Battery optimization". Then click on "Without Optimization" and on "All applications". Search for BrainForce and set it to "Don't Optimize." Thus the geolocation will not stop even if the Android device is with the screen off or in sleep mode.

Once filled in with a name, surname and a password (the one you want to put and then remember) then you can put the e-mail of your caregiver (the one you will monitor). That same e-mail will be the one that the caregiver will use, that is, the one that will monitor the person who has the App installed on their Android device. The patient can be whoever, relative, friend, tenant of the residence, etc ...

So that the caregiver can see at all times where the patient is, he will have to go to the web and register with the same e-mail. The e-mail has to be the same for the whole process. This way you can enjoy the security that BrainForceAlzheimer gives you.

This App also includes a binaural wave library as a therapy against Alzheimer's. The waves are audio that consist of 2 tones to different hertz that must be heard with headphones, (although it is recommended to use with headphones). Through the left earpiece 400 hz will enter the left ear; by the right earpiece will enter the right ear 440 hz. The 40 hz resulting from the difference between the two remain inside the brain. This creates a three-dimensional 40-hz wave and the brain waves synchronize with it. Thus the wave stimulates certain parts of the brain and different neuronal activities.

The waves included in the app are:
Segregation of Dopamine.
GAMMA frequency (40Hz)
Regenerate Nerve.
Frequency Phase Rem (2hz).

If the person who has Alzheimer's has a pacemaker, an epileptic history and / or is pregnant, please consult a doctor before playing the Binaural Wave Library.

This application is registered as intellectual property.

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