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Hydration and water tracker💦 - an waterlogged, which not only helps you track and calculate the amount of water you need to drink up every day, but it also is a água lembrete that reminds you to drink enough water at the exact time to have best benefits of healthy lifestyle with waterminder

Water is one of the essential needs of life and a key factor to maintain a healthy life. It not only helps you improve your health but also improve your physique, beautify the skin and even lose weight. Drinking water is great for health but how much is enough and properly not everyone knows. Therefore, the hydration and water tracker - water diary could helps you

The amount of water needed for the body each day depends on these following factors: age, gender, weight, climate and daily physical activity. água lembrete will help you calculate the amount of water you need for your body, waterlogged and recording your daily water intake. In addition, the water diary also supports you to create and maintain the habit of drinking water on time and healthy! Definitely here is the useful waterminder you need!

🥛🥛🥛Key Features of hydration and water tracker - waterlogged 💦
✨ água lembrete reminds you to drink up water by day
✨ Water diary helps you calculate the amount of water for different type of body
✨ waterminder keeps track of the amount of water you drink during the day
✨ Analyzes and compares the amount of drinking water by day, week, month and year
✨ Promote and maintain your daily water goal
✨ Customize the drinking unit that suits you
✨ Different type of drink to choose and waterlogged helps you calculate the amount of water in that drink

🌟 Benefits of Drinking Enough Water Health
Drinking enough water will help you boost your immune system and improve your health, moreover drinking water will make your appearance look younger and brighter. Specifically as:
💕 Healthy weight loss
💕 Beauty skin
💕 Relieve stress and fatigue
💕 Detoxify the body
💕 Improving blood circulation
💕 Supports the digestive system
💕 Prevent colds and improve sinusitis
💕 Prevent kidney stones

🥛🥛🥛 How to Use the hydration and water tracker
B1: Fill in your information: gender, weight and daily living time
Based on these indicators, the waterlogged will analyze and calculate the appropriate amount of water that your body should drink and the right time to drink

B2: Set time ⏰ alarm drink water
Fill in your regular bed and wake time, água lembrete will set a water diary to suit your biological time.

B3: Set a goal to drink water daily
Users will receive a gift - ""Crown"" after each completion of the amount of water consumed. This is a way to encourage users to use waterminder and maintain the good habit of drinking water every day.

B4: Choose a suitable cup of water 🥛
To be able to calculate the amount of drinking water more accurately and visually, water calculator is divided into 5 volumes of water by cup as follows: 50ml, 200ml, 250ml, 300ml, 350ml. In addition, users can optionally enter the amount of drinking water by cup

B5: Try to complete the amount of water you need to drink a day 🎉
The last step, but it is extremely important. The hydration and water tracker is only effective when you have completed the number of glasses of water that day. Let's try your best!

If you often forget to drink water and want to create a habit of drinking water, then waterminder is the most effective waterlogged. With modern and easy to use interface, you will feel comfortable when using água lembrete. Drinking water properly will improve your physique and improve your health. Therefore, to be able to maintain the habit of drinking water properly every day, download and use hydration and water tracker for FREE now!

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???? Hydration and Water Tracker - Água Lembrete 1.0.8 72
Requirement Updated Installs Developer
4.1 and up December 6, 2019 10,000+ Healthy for Life: Drink Water App & Water Tracker

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