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They Will Seize Your Food and Resources: “Hoarding of Just About Anything Can Be Banned”

DHS Insider Warns: “It’s Already Begun. You’re Seeing It Now.”

Food, Guns, Gold: ‘The Record Is Rather Clear On the Side of Commodity Money’

Lights out: House plan would protect nation’s electricity from solar flare, nuclear bomb

Outgoing IRS Chief: Taxes Voluntary

Leaked Document: Military Internment Camps in U.S to be Used for Political Dissidents

Police & Military – Time to Choose

That could NEVER happen here…

Can you hear me now? Feds admit FBI warrantless cellphone tracking ‘very common’

FBI Pursuing Real-Time Gmail Spying Powers as “Top Priority” for 2013

Troopers Indicted After Roadside Cavity Search Of Two Women

Why You Should Get Ready for Capital Controls in America

Chilling report: 10,000+ could die in major Northwest U.S. earthquake

NJ Mother Pressured to Turn Over Her Guns, Charged With ‘Terroristic Threats’ After Reading the Constitution at Tax Dispute Assembly

Staring Armageddon in the Face But Hiding It With Official Lies

Eric Holder: Drone strikes against Americans on U.S. soil are legal

US Debt Crisis Will Be Worse Than Europe’s

Shock: Australian Gov Now to Seize People’s Live Bank Accts – If ‘Inactive’

When they came for the Raw Milk drinkers…

Senators near a deal on background checks for most private gun sales

Why Isn’t the Murder of an American Boy an Impeachable Offense?

SHOCK REPORT — Veterans Receive Letters From VA Prohibiting Ownership or Purchase of Firearms

13,753 Gov’t Requests for Google E-Mail Data in 2012, Most Without a Warrant

Why a banking insider says “it’s time to be very worried”

Sheriff Warns Of “Second American Revolution” If Gun Grabbers Get Their Way

Abraham Lincoln – Walter E. Williams

February 18, 1942: A Black Stain on American History

Facebook Blocks Jon Rappoport’s Articles

Idaho, Arizona Schools Go Into Full Prison Mode

DHS Purchases 21.6 Million More Rounds of Ammunition

The Wacoization of Chris Dorner

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Did These Hidden Forces ‘Elect’ the President?

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Liberal PBS Runs an Article on Government Default

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Sheriffs Prepare to Abandon Citizens to Federal Gun Grab

Top Economic Advisers Forecast War and Unrest

Report: Realistic Urban Training is DHS and DOD “Conducting Desensitizing Exercises”

Obama’s Secret Court for Killing – Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

US Retirement Accounts at Risk

Mark Levin BLASTS both Democrats and gutless Republicans for the destruction of this country

Currency Wars

PurifiCup Water Purifier

Mosquito-Fighting Plan Allows Access To Private Property With No Warrant

Obama Poised to Skirt Congress to Seal Legacy in New Term Agenda

Putin Turns Black Gold to Bullion as Russia Outbuys World

Fed’s Holdings of U.S. Gov’t Debt Hit Record $1,696,691,000,000; Up 257% Under Obama

JSoc: Obama’s secret assassins – The president has a clandestine network targeting a ‘kill list’ justified by secret laws. How is that different than a death squad?

Video: Cop Lands Helicopter to Harass Woman

It Has Happened Here (the Police State)

California lawmakers seek toughest gun laws in nation

Is Nullification Unconstitutional?

I Hereby Give Myself Permission To Murder – Judge Andrew Napolitano on the predator-in-chief.

Virginia moves closer to creating state’s own currency

Losing Liberty and Gaining It – Judge Andrew Napolitano on lessons from the American revolution.

Dem Congressman Warns Of “Mob Scenes” Without “Equity In Society”

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley presses lawmakers for handgun licenses for residents

Bruce Willis: Don’t infringe on Second Amendment